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Advice From Your Veterinarian near Bonney Lake for Responsible Dog Ownership Month


Responsible dog owners do their best to make sure their dogs live long, healthy lives. Orting Animal Hospital is always eager to work with you and be a part of making that happen. And since September is the American Kennel Club’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month, your veterinarian near Bonney Lake has some advice that can help.

Spay and Neuter

While the most obvious benefit of spaying and neutering is avoiding unwanted litters, there are other potential benefits, as well. Studies show spayed and neutered dogs enjoy, on average, a longer lifespan than intact dogs. And they face a reduced risk for potentially dangerous health problems, including certain cancers and uterine infections. It can also reduce some behavioral issues. While most dogs should be spayed or neutered at or before six months, some giant breeds should wait until growth stops to avoid orthopedic problems later. We will help you determine when the time is right for your canine companion.

ID Your Dog

Sadly, there’s always a chance that any dog can be lost or, worse yet, stolen. To help others bring them home, your dog should always wear an ID tag with your contact information. And make sure the tag is updated if you move or change phone numbers. Since tags can be lost or removed, consider also having your dog microchipped. That way, if your dog is taken to a shelter or a vet, they can be quickly identified and returned to you.

See Your Veterinarian near Bonney Lake Regularly

Your veterinarian near Bonney Lake is your best ally for keeping your dog healthy. Bring your dog for regular exams to make sure no health problems are on the horizon, and get advice on diet, exercise, and other elements of responsible dog ownership, to give your dog the best, longest life possible. Call now to schedule your pet’s appointment. 


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